About Candola Bio Oil Lamps

CANDOL was founded in 1988 in Moedling in Austria. Their main products the “Miracle Lamps”  come in a variety of designs and colours, but all have their remarkable safety design feature. These lamps are known worldwide and supplied in more than 80 countries. The products are distributed under the trade mark “CANDOLA.
Candola Bio Oil lamps are safe and easy to use! These Lamps, have an unique safety sleeve design that includes automatic tilt shut off, sealing off liquid spills and extinguishing the flame.

The liquid wax fuel cells contain a lamp oil that is not combustible making it very safe to store and handle. Works like candle light, but lasts so much longer. The permanent wick burns down the special liquid, burns clean, safe and is Eco-friendly. No wax, no mess, no maintenance, no stains. Refill fuel cells are simple and easy to use. Glass globes are dishwasher safe. Designed to withstand the unique demands of your home and the hospitality environment.

There are so many advantages of using these Bio Oil Lamps:-

  • For Safety!!  The flame extinguishes as soon as the lamp falls over!
  • Long burning time, up to 120 hours!
  • No wax residues
  • Special wick that allows complete emptying of the refill!
  • Clean oil, no smoke or soot, making it eco-friendly
  • Tested quality certified by independent institutes
  • Odourless mineral oil, will not upset guests.
  • Huge selection of designs and colours
  • Neat appearance
  • Can also be filled with Mosquito Oil, perfect for alfresco dining
  • The burning time depends on the type of refill and is between 25 to 80 hours