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Aroma Diffuser - Sophie

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The Sophie is a ceramic diffuser, and is part of a range of individually hand crafted diffusers. This diffuser has a larger water tank making it ideal for reception areas etc.

Right up to date technology is used to diffuse tap water and fragrance or essential oil into the air in a plume of fine mist and fragrance.

The Sophie is made using only the finest high quality materials and is a stunning and elegant diffuser that will enhance any room with fragrance, colour and light.

As well as allowing you to enjoy a colour changing light show using low energy LED bulbs, the Sophie allows you to select the light colour of your choice and even offers a 'no light' mode, perfect for use at night time.

Make your living space feel like an expensive Spa! Switch on your Sophie diffuser and let it disperse its soft fragrance of your choice, whilst it sends a gentle light around your room.

Perfect for hotel reception areas, offices, care homes, and spas and alternative therapy rooms as well as your home!

Just add 200 ml tap water and essential or fragrance oil of your choice to the diffuser and with a press of a button, it will immediately release a heatless, completely safe fine mist of scented vapour into the atmosphere. Helps you relax into a world of healing and self balance. This is thought to be the best way to diffuse any fragrance into the atmosphere, as without direct heat, essential oils are not damaged.. Will diffuse between 5 and 7 hours depending on the location and temperature in the room.

Caring for our planet is important to us and natural materials like clay can be returned to the earth when their use is over.

You can use this diffuser without fragrance and just enjoy the benefits of the humidifying mist. Ideal for counteracting the dryness caused by central heating and air conditioning systems.

Product Dimensions:-159 mm x 197 mm  Water Capacity :- 200 ml

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