Candola Bio Oil Lamp, Delia Gold
Candola Bio Oil Lamp, Delia Gold
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Candola Bio Oil Lamp, Delia Gold

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I love this lamp. It looks so elegant on our table. Its really good quality. 
Comes in three base colours, silver, brass or black nickel and has two globe variations. Clear glass or red glass. Delia can be used inside or out. If using outside dont forget to order some mosquito oil refills.

Instead of a conventional candle, a replaceable bottle is used, which is filled with a special oil. The wick absorbs this odourless liquid and provides natural candlelight without smoke and soot. The long burning time of up to 120 hours puts every ordinary candle in the shade. 

•  Acts like candlelight, but lasts much longer: 
•  A permanent wick burns the special fluid. 
•  Clean, odourless, safe and environmentally friendly.

Uses 55 S Bio Oil refills which will burn for up to 50 hours.

Delivery up to 10 days.

Please contact us for pricing if purchasing more than 3 lamps.


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