About us - Kellet Green

Kellet Green is a family business based on the edge of the picturesque Lake District. 

We have a good supply of Anti Bacterial Hand Gels in stock. These gels are kind to the skin and come in two handy size bottles, 60ml and 100ml. The Sanitising Spray is ideal for travelling as it is also in a 100ml bottle. 

We supply a good range of lamps, both using Bio Oil and safe Lamp Oil. With a real flame, these lamps burn cleanly as they use a liquid wax fuel cell containing a safe mineral oil that is sootless and smokeless. 

We feel sure you will find a lamp to suit every type of occasion. They are ideal for Restaurants and Hotels and really create a gentle but delightful ambience. 

These lamps look equally lovely on your table at home, when entertaining family and friends, or to light up a dark corner! Perfect for Glampers and Campers alike, as these lamps can be used outdoors! They are ideal for weddings and business meetings too!  From relaxed to more formal dining, for use in reception areas and spa's, restaurants, hotels and guest homes, these lamps are a really good way to ensure your guests dining experience is really special. 

We really like the LED Rechargeable Lamps, these are becoming increasingly popular with customers who want to keep their energy consumption down. The cordless rechargeable LED table lamp is able to transform the ambience of your restaurant or home, with LED colour options and brightness levels using a remote control.

At home we have a line of Bio Oil Lamps on our dining table and often leave one in the window to create a warm welcome for our visitors!

Our company is always on the lookout for new products to add to our portfolio of luxury goods. We aim to source the best quality products so that we can continue to delight our valued customers!

Contact us now to find out more.....info@kelletgreen.co.uk